Episode 95: Mom of the Month


This month’s Extraordinary Mom of the Month Award winner is ElisaBeth Shah. She is an extraordinary mom who has also faced some extraordinary trials, including a difficult miscarriage and debilitating Post-Partum Depression. In our conversation she will share more about this journey and how it has shaped her perspective on motherhood. It’s amazing what we go through to bring these little lives into the world, and when we are dealing with our own personal struggles, how we have to keep going for our kids. That is nothing short of a miracle. You can check out her blog HERE to read more about her journey.

And if you want to participate in the #Lighttheworld initiative, inspiring people around the world to do acts of service in the month of December, you can get more information HERE. This link will tell you more about the initiative and also lead you to all the printables. Kind of like the “Give with Thanks” tree I talked about last month, this has a gorgeous Christmas tree printable that would look great in your home. Love anything that helps promote service during this month.

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