Episode 195: Let me Recommend an Episode if You _____

Where do you even start if you are new around here? Here are my recommendations for past episodes depending on your mood:

If you want to cry: Sherrine Hayward (Ep 192), Cori Salchert (Ep 116), Lindsay Ostrom (Ep 142), Jackie Shakespaere (Ep 2 and 3)

If you want to smile: Making Mom Friends (Ep 108), Danielle Busby (Ep 86), Mel Gunnell (Ep 60), Jessica Gee (Ep 23), Rachel Tollestrup (Ep 124)

If you have a child with special needs: Angela Olsen (Episode 170), Mollie Glasgow (Episode 122), LeeAndra Chergey (Episode 27)

If you are in the adoption world: Mollie Glasgow (Ep 122), Wynne Elder (Ep 90), Hannah Eloge (Episode 72), Heather Avis (Episode 21)

If you want to learn about dreams and building something: Joy Cho (Ep 128), Katie Richardson (Ep 120), Lisa Druxman (Ep 105), Alison Faulkner (Ep 4)

If you want to be inspired: Jody Moore (Episode 184), Ralphie Jacobs (Episode 176), Shannon Tripp (Episode 158), Betsy Keller (Episode 154), Kelsey Nixon (Eps 43 and 136 ), Changing the Way You See Yourself (episode 151), Sadie Sabin (Ep 109), Dr. Laura Markham (Ep 94), Amy Kaechele (Ep 19)

If you want to know more about me: Letter to Myself (episode 191), Behind the Scenes of the podcast (episode 155), Why I Go To Therapy (ep 125), Things You Didn’t Know About Jessica (Ep 44), What Would I tell My Pre-Motherhood self (Ep 50)


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